ACR nominated at the World ATM Congress 2018

In connection with the World ATM Congress in Madrid each year, Jane's ATM Award is awarded to organisations that performed in some way during the year/years.  The prize is awarded in 5 different areas:

  • Enabling Technology Award - for contributions to enhanced capacity and safety
  • Environment Award - to recognise work on 'green' ATM concepts
  • Runway Award - for safety and efficiency on the runway and final approach
  • Service Provision Award - for contribution to safe and efficient airspace
  • Technology Award - reflecting significant contributions by equipment and systems suppliers

This year, ACR has been nominated in the Service Provision Award - for contribution to safe and efficient airspace.  See below links

Jane's Awards 2018 at World ATM Congress in Madrid

Jane's ATC Awards 2018

We are both happy and proud that we are nominated for this group.  In our opinion, it is the most important area, ie delivering a safe and efficient air navigation service.  It shows that we have focused on the right things.  Other nominated companies in the group, FAB CE Aviation Services, NAV CANADA and NUAC have been selected for more technical aspects of the air navigation service, while we, as sole company, have been selected to provide customized airspace and service delivery with high security and efficiency.  We all feel proud that the ACR has been nominated.  It is our efforts and our message that gives results.

ACR focuses on people in the system, ie customers, employees and managers.  The technology is used to support the person, not the opposite.

Wilhelm Wohlfahrt