Reducing costs of air traffic control - Copenhagen Economics

- How competition and technology can and cannot contribute to reducing costs of air traffic control

Today, Copenhagen Economics (CE) ( released a report summarising the findings of a study that had the overall goal of asses and contrast the expected (and real) cost savings achieved through both, liberalisation of the Air Navigation Services market allowing competition and the application of Remote Tower and associated concepts.

Attached is a condensed PowerPoint-version that summarises the findings from CE, while the full report can be accessed here: Copenhagen Economics Publications

In our view, the findings are a very relevant contribution in the discussion on how the airport and airline segment, which is burdened by heavy Air Navigation Service costs, can be supported best. One of the main take-away’s for us is that liberalisation and digitisation should not be mutually exclusive, but that digitisation should not be mis-used for the creation of new long-lasting and expensive monopolies.

Condensed report

Reducing costs of air traffic control

Wilhelm Wohlfahrt