Skyguide and ACR to develop a Joint Venture (JV) to deliver air traffic services on Swiss regional aerodromes

The managements of skyguide swiss air navigation services and ACR Aviation Capacity Resources have been tasked by their respective Boards of Directors to develop a Joint Venture (JV). The main purpose of this common undertaking is to provide Swiss regional aerodromes in the future with cost-efficient Air Navigation Services tailored to their individual needs. Since 1 January 2019, the market for Terminal ANS (Tower-, Arrival-and Departure control) at Swiss regional aerodromes has been partly liberalised, opening the market to other providers.

Skyguide is owned by the Swiss State and is the sole provider of air navigation services in Swiss airspace and at controlled airports, 14 including Geneva and Zurich.

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Marek Bekier, CEO ACR Switzerland AG
Mobile: +47 9-579 17 17

Wilhelm Wohlfahrt