Welcome to ACR. We operate air traffic at 16 Swedish airports. Our vision is to help airports prosper all over Europe.

Sweden Switzerland

Some of the 16 Swedish air traffic control towers that ACR manages.



Our business concept.

  • Streamline, with profitability in focus, air traffic management in Sweden and internationally.

  • Manage ATS units and control centers in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

  • Create new products and assignments for ATS units in collaboration with airports and airlines.

A qualified board and management guarantee a very good insight into the needs of our customers and future market development.

We guarantee our customer's benefit

We make every effort to make our customers happy. We always strive to deliver excellence.

We are cost conscious

We have the mindset: "If it were my own money, would I make the same decision?" But we never compromise on safety.

We are looking for new ways of doing business

We always strive for excellent and innovative business culture – where all parties make a good deal.