Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport

Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport

Contact CO TWR
+46 (0)520 42 93 61

Contact ACR
Heléne Åberg
CO ATS Trollhättan
+46 (0) 708 73 12 88


Trollhättan-Vänersborg airport is located a few kilometers from the shores of Lake Vänern, in proximity of the Mt Halleberg and Mt Hunneberg.

The scheduled traffic is BRA to Stockholm-Bromma with several flights daily, and with less frequency, a few flights by Bizjet, an ambulance service and flight training. Helicopters also frequently pass or use the aerodrome.

The airport has its own flying club including a flight training school, and a soaring club at the grass strip parallel to the main runway (15/33). Flying clubs and flight training schools from Gothenburg frequently use the airport as well.

The control zone borders on F7 Såtenäs' control zone during daytime and military SB39s frequently cross the airspace, sometimes the airport also hosts SK60s training MILS approaches.