Karlstad Airport

Karlstad Airport

Contact CO TWR
+46 (0)54 55 60 76

Contact ACR
Göran Skirby
CO ATS Karlstad
+46 (0) 730 50 88 11


Karlstad Airport (ESOK) is one of the youngest airports in Sweden. In 1997 the old Karlstad City Airport (ESSQ) closed to give way to the new airport close to Hynboholm, 15km north of the city.

The new airport has 2500m of runway (03/21) with ILS in both directions. Scheduled traffic consists of Arlanda (Nextjet), Frankfurt (BMI Regional/Lufthansa) and seasonal traffic to Alicante and Las Palmas (Norwegian). Also, there are charter flights to southern Europe and the ‘ Islands.

Flight schools frequently use the airport for training purposes. Military crossings with C130 and SB39 are also fairly common. Part of the TMA is a TSA used daily for fighter training.

The airport is home to a flying club and a soaring club, and there is a grass strip parallel to the main runway. There is also an aerial advertising business. As of summer 2014, the airport is also the base for an ambulance helicopter service.


Lars Rodvaldr